FAQ – Catacombs & Castles

We have tested the following card sleeves:

  • Fantasy Flight Supply – 50ct Standard American 57mm x 89mm Sleeves
  • Ultra Pro – 50ct Board Game Sleeves – Standard American – 56mm x 87mm
  • Legion Supplies – Board Game Sleeve 3 – Standard American – 59mm x 93mm

The following applies to Team Mode:
When playing on the Castle side of the game board, Team Castle places an obstacle first (their “home field” advantage) and one of the heroes from Team Catacomb takes the first action of the game.
When playing on the Catacomb side of the game board, Team Catacomb places an obstacle first and one of the heroes from Team Castle takes the first action of the game.
The following applies to Boss Mode:
The Overseer player always an action first.

These two discs are intentionally shorter than the others. We call them “coin sized” discs. They are unique to the Shuriken and Longbow shots.

As in Catacombs, there is no friendly fire among teammates.

The piece is simply placed back on the board approximately where it left. After placing it back on the board it continues the sequence where it left off. The shot it was executing at the time it came off the board is considered a miss and isn’t repeated (unless it’s a shot that allows more than one action or attempt).

No, warriors don’t have ability cards associated with them. Health Tokens are discarded.

The Catacombs & Castles stretch goals are packed in a box labelled Siege Defender. The Siege Defender pack can be purchased exclusively on The Catacombs Shop here.

Experienced players will use the available tools to deal with the net / web enabled characters effectively. The key is not to let those heroes get into position to shoot a net / web shot in the first place. Push them away at any opportunity using Warriors, rush shots or ranged attacks. Always protect against them when choosing where to position a shield. Re-position the net / web enabled heroes using the grab action of the claw / grapple shots. Use Team Castle’s temporal shifts to send Team Catacomb’s Queen back to her Start Zone.

A player can perform the shot sequence of any friendly Warrior on the board after a Hero’s portrait card they control is rotated (tapped).
From a balance perspective, the Egg shot (that summons a Warrior) does not inflict any damage and a Warrior cannot take an action on the same turn that it was summoned.
To be clear, a Warrior is not flipped over in Team Mode as in Boss Mode.

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