Component List – Catacombs Cubes: Monuments

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1st Printing

Catacombs Cubes: Monuments - All Components
Main Components

Sticker Sheets

  • ELZ-1602-S1-R001 (Quarry Dice Stickers)

Other Components

  • 2x Hero Player Boards
  • 1x Game Manual
  • 5x Punchboards (Detailed Below)
Wood Parts

Player Trackers

  • 1x Red Victory Tracker
  • 1x Green Victory Tracker
  • 1x Red Palace Tracker
  • 1x Green Palace Tracker
  • 3x Red Ownership Trackers
  • 3x Green Ownership Trackers
  • 2x Blue Ownership Trackers
  • 2x White Ownership Trackers
  • 2x Orange Ownership Trackers
  • 2x Pink Ownership Trackers

Quarry Resources

  • 5x "Obsidian" Pieces
  • 5x "Gold" Pieces
  • 5x "Marble" Pieces

Other Wood Parts

  • 4x Quarry Dice
Punchboard Components

Punchboard 1 (ELZ-1602-P1-R001)

  • Izchak's Trading Post (Lvl. 1 Village Tile)
  • Zotha's Gatehouse (Lvl. 1 Village Tile)
  • Hearhshire Stables (Lvl. 1 Village Tile)
  • Torii Gate (Lvl. 2 Village Tile)
  • Alpaca Hotel (Lvl. 2 Village Tile)
  • Honeymoon Cabin (Lvl. 2 Village Tile)
  • Creeper Statue (Lvl. 3 Village Tile)
  • Giant Throne (Lvl. 3 Village Tile)
  • Stormtryne Bank (Lvl. 3 Village Tile)

Punchboard 2 (ELZ-1602-P2-R001)

  • Lichlord's Mortuary (Palace Tile)
  • Spice Refinery (Palace Tile)
  • Castle Mepoth (Palace Tile)
  • Tesseract Palace (Palace Tile)
  • Wyvern Nest (Monument Tile)
  • Statue of the King (Monument Tile)
  • Stone Circle (Monument Tile)
  • Geoglyph (Monument Tile)
  • Megalithic Structure (Monument Tile)

Punchboard 3 (ELZ-1602-P3-R001)

  • Hanging Gardens (Monument Tile)
  • Colossus of Rhodes (Monument Tile)
  • Great Pyramid (Monument Tile)
  • Lighthouse of Alexandria (Monument Tile)
  • Tomb of Mausolus (Monument Tile)
  • Statue of Zeus (Monument Tile)
  • Temple of Artemis (Monument Tile)
  • Dragon Statue (Monument Tile)
  • Tower Bridge (Monument Tile)

Punchboard 4 (ELZ-1602-P4-R001)

  • Oakhearth Hall (Residence Tile)
  • Haunted Mansion (Residence Tile)
  • Crystal Dome (Residence Tile)
  • Elven Outpost (Residence Tile)
  • Penhale Park (Park Tile)
  • Hillcrest Park (Park Tile)
  • Empress Park (Park Tile)
  • Alternate Town Hall Tile
  • Stargate (Lvl. 1 Village Tile)

Punchboard 5 (ELZ-1602-P5-R001)

  • 8x "Marble" Quarry Tokens
  • 8x "Gold" Quarry Tokens

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