Component List – Catacombs & Castles: Siege Defender

Table of Contents

1st Printing

Main Components

Sticker Sheets

  • ELZ-1201-S01-001
  • ELZ-1201-S02-001

Other Components

  • 1x Game Manual
Wood Parts

Large Pieces

  • 1x Large Black Piece
  • 1x Large White Piece
  • 1x Large Purple Piece

Medium Pieces

  • 6x Medium Black Pieces
  • 7x Medium White Pieces

Extra Small Pieces

  • 8x Extra Small White Pieces

Cube Pieces

  • 2x Black Cube Pieces

Castle Hero Portrait Cards

  • Lothmirawen - The Moss Faerie
  • Petacil - The Gray Squirrel
  • Qinacha - The Quardian

Castle Hero Rules Cards

  • Lothmirawen
  • Petacil
  • Qinacha

Catacomb Hero Portrait Cards

  • Rhog - The Gelatinous Cube
  • Saurmm - The Cursed Cultivator
  • Gwelin - The Red Squirrel
  • Zhug - The Gelatinous Bunny

Catacomb Hero Rules Cards

  • Rhog
  • Saurmm
  • Gwelin
  • Zhug

Castle Lord Portrait Cards

  • Matriarch E. - The Matriarch
  • Octopus - The Siege Defender

Castle Lord Rules Cards

  • Matriarch E.
  • Octopus

Catacomb Lord Portrait Cards

  • Stone Crusher - The Battle Robot

Catacomb Lord Rules Cards

  • Stone Crusher

Castle Warrior Cards

  • Tellari Wolf

Catacomb Warrior Cards

  • Reaper

Castle Ability Cards

  • Raise Shields!
  • Time Is On Our Side!

Catacomb Ability Cards

  • Defend Our Leader!
  • Feel The Fury!

Wyvern Portrait Cards

  • Royal Wylamander

Wyvern Rules Cards

  • Royal Wylamander

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